Burnt down our dream home

As I tour around Ikea, I recall how we proposed our house to look like. I ache for how we argued about how the curtains should be and silly things that I never imagined I’d miss so much. You killed my dreams, you burnt our house down.

Movies after you left

Goin up the escalators one by one praying to see your face waiting for me with that loving smile and popcorn in your hand.


Not only the greeneries can show light, the many deserts have beauty in every sight.

From the blue skies to the sandy slopes, I wonder the Bedouins time of dream and hope!



There was a chilly mist in the March air, but I love my early morning walks and this gray gloom wasn’t going to keep me from today’s. I stopped midway on a bridge over the creek to watch a pair of mallards silently pick and poke along the muddy bank. Nothing could ruin this perfect serenity.

“Hey!” the shrill voice called. “Beautiful, right?” The spry old woman pointed towards the ducks as she marched enthusiastically onto the bridge to stand beside me. She twirled her arms in several rapid circles, stretched her back, then leaned on the railing and began doing standing push-ups. Dressed in sweat pants and jacket, baseball cap and sneakers, she had all the markings of devoted walker.

“Hi.” I said tentatively, unsure of what was happening.

“You’re from the South, aren’t you? Hiiiii. That’s how you said it. Hiiiii.” She spoke with her back to me…

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