Hate Love

He comes to you when you are not ready for him and leaves you when you need him the most.


Dancing moods

Dancing in the red velvet skies with my soul searching thirsty eyes


Not only the greeneries can show light, the many deserts have beauty in every sight.

From the blue skies to the sandy slopes, I wonder the Bedouins time of dream and hope!



There was a chilly mist in the March air, but I love my early morning walks and this gray gloom wasn’t going to keep me from today’s. I stopped midway on a bridge over the creek to watch a pair of mallards silently pick and poke along the muddy bank. Nothing could ruin this perfect serenity.

“Hey!” the shrill voice called. “Beautiful, right?” The spry old woman pointed towards the ducks as she marched enthusiastically onto the bridge to stand beside me. She twirled her arms in several rapid circles, stretched her back, then leaned on the railing and began doing standing push-ups. Dressed in sweat pants and jacket, baseball cap and sneakers, she had all the markings of devoted walker.

“Hi.” I said tentatively, unsure of what was happening.

“You’re from the South, aren’t you? Hiiiii. That’s how you said it. Hiiiii.” She spoke with her back to me…

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My favorites

Vampires and Vikings, the filthiest but my favorite! How could I possibly forget the Tudors, with the glorious King Henry the eighth. From supernaturals to historic fighters to magnificent kings, these legends have inspired me to believe in the possibilities of the impossible. King Henry’s insistent decisions; even though some failed always seemed to escalate his personality. Whether it’s the Salvatore brothers or the original Klaus Mikaelsson, the vampires’ compass of anger and compassion is also just so enchanting. Then we have Ragnar Lothbrok, precisely a mix of both savage and royal. The way he conquers has surely made me know that he was not just a legend but definitely a real existing Viking!