Imagine the roads without cars and horses instead.

Imagine the sky full of birds at noon and stars at night visible to the naked eye despite the city lanterns.

Imagine the sound of a boy playing down the yard outside your house.

Imagine the giggles of ladies strolling by for their early morning tea.

Imagine seeing an old couple holding hands under the umbrella as it would be their first date.

Imagine war of men in armors and swords with their own strength in battle.

Imagine the amazement of a soldier to receive a telegram of his son’s birth.

Imagine receiving postcards from your aunt in states away visualizing how another country looks like.

Imagine getting ice cream just to get a glimpse of that guy

Imagine writing letters with the excitement of sending and waiting for responses.

Imagine, oh imagine.

Imagine the only good nation, which is ‘imagination’.


Filthy alarms buzzing way before it’s time to rise. That morning bird sounds more like a buzz than a chirp to my half conscious mind, lost in wonderland. How I wonder in the world of fiction or possibly real (Pisces mindset), the supernaturals plan their schedule of waking up to a routine at dawn or going to bed when us mortals start our day. Would it be better of following the pattern of our imaginary friends in the vampire society? Hmm, maybe yes for some or most of us have already began the usual manner of being much more vibrant after sunset rather than the early morning birds.