Road trip

What a change from the busy skyline in Dubai into the pink sands of Al Ain. Driving through the calm roads with not a single traffic reminding me of how Dubai used to be 15 years ago. When there was only one radio station, dubai 92.0 and no traffic updates to help you. Not really needed at that time anyway. Going to school with two ponytails, waiting to finish and have that ice cream from baskin Robbins that seemed the most exciting thing other than watching the Sesame Street on tv. The empty streets with scattered little shops look pretty much like spotting Feras sweets in the neighborhood back then in Dubai, where I’d walk along holding daddy’s hand. Skipping and jumping looking at all the cars driving passed us. When weekends would be more of going to the park for a family picnic than the confused issues of deciding what heels and where to go today. Capri sonnes and Oman chips were the most tastiest snacks not to forget going to sindbad which was our IMG at that time. Al Ain is an amazing trip to bring back old Dubai memories!

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